When to call a Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer

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The world is wrought with dangers and accidents happen every day.  When you or a loved one is significantly injured due to the negligence of another, the lasting physical conditions and pain will take a toll on any family.  Moreover, the emotional stress and financial burdens that ensue can be overwhelming.  There are several reasons to contact a Phoenix personal injury lawyer and they include seeking legal advice during situations where you or a loved one was injured in a car accident, a motorcycle accident, or a pedestrian accident.  Personal injury lawyers should also be consulted when you or a loved one experiences a traumatic brain injury, a spinal injury, a slip and fall, a workplace accident or a burn injury.  These types of injuries fall under an area of law called Tort Law.

It is true that a personal injury lawyer should be trained to handle cases and dispense legal advice regarding any area of law, but generally they will take cases related to tort law.  This is the area of law that pertains to personal injury, either physical or psychological, that is the result of the negligence of another person or business. Phoenix personal injury lawyerThe types of cases that fall into this category of law include work related injuries such as a slip and fall in a warehouse that leaves you with perpetual neck and back pain, or a car accident where a pedestrian is struck by a driver who was talking on a cell phone or otherwise not paying attention to the road.  This area of law also helps those that are injured through the use of a product or by the mistake of a medical provider.

A personal injury lawyer, also often called a car accident lawyer, will play a very important role in the research and development of your case so it is extremely important that you get in touch with a law office as soon as possible.  Your attorney will ask a multitude of questions so it is extremely important that you are honest and deliver all the facts.  Your attorney will then most likely seek professional subject matter experts to aid the presentation of your case in court as well as work hard to refute the claims of the defendant’s lawyer.  You can expect that your Phoenix personal injury lawyer will seek monetary restitution for your suffering and work hard to get the most possible.  This is also in your attorney’s best interest because most will take a percentage of your award as the fee for their services.


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